Containers & Freight

From freight quotes to the ins-and-outs of global container shipping, has done the research to keep you informed and confident in your moving decision. Container and freight shipping are similar but different. And understanding the differences can help you make the best decision for your belongings.

Things to Know About Containers and Freight

What are Shipping

Container shipping is a convenient mix of DIY and moving service and are ideal for long-distance moves. The company you select will send a shipping container to your doorstep for you to load with your belongings. It will be transported for you by the company based on your scheduled delivery dates.
Container Shipping


According to shipping giant FedEx, “Any shipment over 150 pounds is considered freight.” While it usually has commercial connotations, freight moving can be economical for shipping large household items like furniture. Freight is priced per linear foot or every 12 inches. You will need to know how many linear feet of space your belongings require to get an accurate freight quote.

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