Truck Rentals

There are a lot of options when selecting a moving truck rental company. Understanding a few key points common to most rental agreements can save you money and frustration during your next move.

Things to Know About Moving Truck Rentals

Size Matters

The size of the vehicle affects pricing, capacity (duh), and fuel consumption. The goal is to go as small as possible but as big as necessary to ensure an efficient and economical move.

Pick Your Dates

Avoid weekends and the end of the month, as this is when demand (and prices) is highest. It’s common for real estate transactions to go into effect on the first of the month, making each month's first and last weeks a time of high demand. Moving mid-week, if possible, will usually be the most economical option.

Mileage Math

Read your contract and understand the pricing structure. It’s common practice to have a flat rental fee coupled with a price-per-mile rate. Planning the most direct route and selecting a rental location near your new address can save you money!

The Insurance is
Probably Worth It

Yes, it costs more. Yes, the odds that you’ll need it are low. But the fee is usually nominal compared to the liability you’d assume without insurance if something goes amiss. We recommend it every time.

Inspect the Truck
and Ask Questions!

We’ve only recommended companies that genuinely care about your rental experience. When picking up your vehicle, the rental truck employee will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. So don’t be afraid to ask!

Also, it’s important to give the truck a once-over and make sure it’s what you expected - because no one wants to try to learn how to drive a stick shift on the fly!

On the Move

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