Things You Should Know Before You Rent a Self-Storage Unit

A line of blue storage unit doors set into a grey concrete facade.

Things You Should Know Before You Rent a Self-Storage Unit 

Be Certain About the Size Storage Unit You Need – Don’t Underestimate!

Choosing the right storage unit size can make a world of difference – and not just in your moving budget! It is much better to have an extra bit of space rather than end up with something too small for your belongings. Measure your boxes and determine what can and cannot be stacked together. Stacking boxes will save space, but certain items shouldn’t be stacked or your risk damage. 

Choose a Location that is Convenient for You to Access, Especially if You Need to Get to Your Belongings Often

If you’re looking for storage units near you, there’s no doubt that convenience is key! Finding storage units nearby can be a major plus if you need to access your belongings often or just want storage solutions as close to home as possible. Not only does it save time and energy getting there, but it also offers peace of mind knowing your items are still in your vicinity. So let the Moving Experts help you find the perfect storage solution, and don’t forget to factor in convenience — it could be the difference between hassle-free storage and long days spent on the road!

Security and Insurance Considerations

If you’re in need of a reliable storage facility, there is nothing more important than knowing that your important belongings will be safe and secure. To make sure you find a storage facility that has high-security protocols in place, ask the manager what specific precautions are being taken to keep your items locked away from unwanted visitors. Find out if surveillance cameras are used, if an access code is required to enter the premises, and if any 24/7 security services are available. 

We also recommend opting for insurance, if available. Then you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are secure and financially protected. 

Ask About Pricing and Discounts – Some Storage Units Offer Deals for Long-Term Renters

If you’re considering renting a storage unit, it pays to ask about any discounts available. Many units offer deals for long-term renters – the longer you plan to stay, the bigger the savings! It’s definitely worth exploring your options and getting the most bang for your buck. 

Carefully Pack and Stack to Avoid Damage

Ready to move your stuff into storage? Great! Use strong boxes and containers with heavy-duty cardboard, utilize cushioning supplies like bubble wrap for more fragile items, and make sure to seal all cartons securely with strong tape. Wrap furniture in moving blankets or plastic, and be mindful about how you stack things as you load your new storage unit.

More questions about your upcoming move? Get a quote on professional moving services from the Moving Experts!